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Power Engineerin Team

Businessman and financial analyst, is a founding member of the Power Engineering Srl in which he holds the office of Director. Is been administrator of major corporations starting of the Neapolitan area, enjoying success especially in financial intermediation and business consulting. Since 1989, operates financial intermediation with hison company, since 2001, he is registered in the credit brokers. From 1999 to 2007 he was Chairman of the Hermes Consortium, which includes 52 small and medium size companis. From 2000 to 2008 he was president of the Consortium Zeus that has the objective to shift holdings in the west area of Naples located in urban areas to industrial areas. From 2001 to 2007 he was President of the Consortium Development Company based in Naples, the consortium brings together entrepreneurs of the industry of marble and semi-precious stones. In 2008 he became director and shareholder of Omnia Project srl, san engineering company specializing in the planning and construction, which develops the design of buildings and program agreements with the aid of LUPT (Federico II). Since 2008 he holds the position of Director of the Italian branch of Photonike s.a. company engaged in the development and construction of photovoltaic plants and is with the engineer Giovanni Savarese that he found the Power Solutions s.r.l. company specializing in the design and supervision of works for the development of renewable energy plants, providing for the diversification of its activities in the field of Green Energy through the implementation of Photovoltaic Systems, Wind Turbine and Biomass in the formula Key-in-hand. Since 2011 he holds the position of director of the company REC-Energy, a company specialized in the permitting and design of Eolic.

Electrical Engineer, is a founding member and Head of Facilities Management of Power Engineering Srl. Since 2005 he has been engaged in the design, permitting (art.12 D.Lgs 387/03, IAFR, art. 269 of Legislative Decree 152/06 for the atmospheric emissions, connection to the national grid, environmental impact, DIA / building permit, VVF, Customs Agency etc.)implementation and operation of electrical and thermical plants powered by renewable sources, in particular biomass liquid, solar, wind and biogas. He has experience as a technician for the control of noise pollution dealing with the rating of noise exposure and outdoor living, the verification of acoustic requirements of electro-acoustic sound sources and regulation of the plant in order to reduce the sound pressure levels of exposure assessment worker noise. And 'member of theLighting Commission (CI) at the Order of Engineers of Naples dealing among other things, insights of the new European standards for lighting of work places and public lighting, in collaboration with local and national institutions in the preparation of proposed laws, regulations, contract specifications, etc.. in the field of public lighting and interior work, consulting on issues of lighting, organization of seminars and conferences on topical issues.

Electrical Engineer, is the head of the technical services and the Electronic Design of Power Engineering Ltd of which is also a founding member. He worked as an electronics designer and developer of software and firmware in the Siemens AG group companies working in international teams involved in the design of systems for teleworking, speech synthesis, power line communications, computer security, embedded platforms, microcomputer PLC. He 'was Product Manager of the PC-Consumer line of Siemens-Informationsysteme BUPC Augsburg dealing among other things, product certification. He subsequently worked in various companies in the group EMS Flextronics International as Head of Product Engineering and New Product Development unit. He directed the development team of the testing procedures for the Microsoft XBox Zalaegerszeg Flextronics in Hungary. From 2005 he was involved in developing optoelectronic technologies and solutions based on laser systems DPSSL and Nd:YAG laser for prototyping low-cost printed circuit boards and low-cost drivers for LED lighting with high efficiency. He has developed several products for the biomedical field and, in particular, has contributed to the development of advanced systems for the scalar and vector Bio impedance broadband for non-invasive diagnosis. He has designed and implemented systems for tracking satellite tracking predictive (Satelliti MEASAT) for use in harsh conditions and lack of backup in South Africa and the French Overseas Colonies (Mayotte). Collaborate with the STOI (Société De Téléphone Océan Indien) for which oversaw the installation and networking solutions designed several low-cost and low environmental impact based on wireless technology to 5GHz. Since 2009 he has been involved in the design of photovoltaic systems dealing with the volume production and marketing of solar cells and modules based on crystalline silicon is working with several European companies as customer and supplier of raw materials. The experience gained in the development of PV systems, together with the knowledge in the field of microelectronics, has allowed him to develop control systems, specialized diagnostics and low cost for the renewable energy sector as well as innovative solutions for improving the safety of electrical installations production from F.E.R.

Dr.Vincenzo PironeChemical-biologist, is responsible for the Coordination of Institutional Relations and Communication of Power Engineering srl. Already Technical Director of Pharmaceutical Establishments Richardson-Merrell, has held numerous positions in chemical companies devoted special efforts to research and technological development of new molecules. For several years he has collaborated with the DIMP (Department of Materials Engineering and Production Engineering), University of Naples Federico II, participating in the drafting of projects, laws and environmental measures on behalf of other public bodies. He worked at the Department of Ecotoxicology, University of Florence, dealing with pollution from toxic agents in high-risk companies. He is been a consultant for Italian Job, an agency of the Ministry of work and Social Policy, engaged in training projects. For years, as scientific-technitian of the Willy Brandt Foundation, he was in charge of promoting and coordinating international cooperation projects and master's in the field of sustainable development, utilization of renewable energy sources and the dissemination of best practices in industrial processes. In this role he worked, and set up projects in several European countries (Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, etc.) and non-European (Libya, Jordan, Israel, Brazil, Iran, UAE, Mongolia, etc. ). And 'the main promoter of the "Conflict Resolution Academy Samuel Morland" organizing several workshops in Italy and abroad in the field of waste management, energy and infrastructure. Strongly committed to the defense of the territory, has been teaching in the preparation of technical Operators engaged in rehabilitation and environmental restoration related to public and private facilities. He has a long experience in pyrolysis and gasification of biomass for the production of heat and electricity.

Dr.Antonio VecereEngineer, native speakers of English, graduated of the Columbia University, an expert in corporate strategies. Within the company is involved in the Development of Business in the Emerging Markets and International Promotion.   It has over twenty years experience in the industrial field, where he occupide prominent positions in the industry "Engineering & Management" engaged in the construction and maintenance of chemical and petrochemical plants, power and nuclear plants in Nord Est Europe, United States, Canada and the Far and Middle East. He has held numerous positions from Field Engineer, Construction Manager, Site Manager and Project Manager. He was involved in operations and reclamation of contaminated land and products containing asbestos. He has designed and directed - on behalf of prestigious engineering companies such as Foster Wheeler, Wander Wheeler, Hertel, for oil companies as Tamoil, Q8, Esso. – Intervention aimed at reducing harmful emissions (dust, fumes, gas, etc.) generated by plants and factories located in different countries.